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Kineteco launch the SZH+ Spring Starter

After extensive testing and the successful launch with Kineteco’s customers in Germany, we have added the SZH+ Spring Starter to our model range. This is a high powered Z-Drive power spring starter with 50% more starting energy than SZHS/SZHR models. The SZH+ will  comfortably start engines up to 20L. For more information, please visit our products page on our website.

Anna Permanently Joins Kineteco Team

Having joined Kineteco to cover a maternity leave, we are pleased to announce that Anna has recently joined as a permanent member of the Kineteco team. Having been trained by her predecessor, she is fully up to speed and is making a valued contribution to the development of the business

Engineer Joins Kineteco Team

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new Engineer. Ollie Childe completed his placement here at Kineteco as a student and he has since returned with his Master’s Degree. He is already getting stuck in to applications work, ever increasing the number of engines that we can start. Good luck Ollie!