Easy starting for large capacity engine

  • Powerful spring starter with Z-drive offset gearbox
  • Smooth action power spring for easy winding
  • Standard SS/SR nosepieces with manual engagement and trip mechanism
  • Standard SS/SR crank wind with detachable handle

Introducing Kineteco’s latest model range: our SZH+ starters are our biggest yet with capability of starting from 9 up to 15+ltr engines

They feature all the benefits of the SZH range but with 50% more power, gaining only 70mm extra length on the SZHS/SZHR models.

The Z-drive gearbox can be configured to give greater engine clearance.  With the manual engage and trip mechanism and detachable crank wind, the operator can choose exactly how the spring starter operates, even using it to turn the engine over slowly for inspection.

As with all Kineteco spring starters, the SZH+ series bolts directly into the standard starter pocket on the engine. Given the correct engine configuration, all the electrics can be dispensed with. Fitting takes a matter of minutes, and operation of the spring starter does not require any special skill or strength. Unlike a directly hand-cranked engine, time can be taken to wind the starter, which can then be tripped when ready.

Flame-proof and E-pack dual start options are available ensuring Kineteco SZH+ spring starters can be configured to meet customers’ exact requirements.

New engine applications are constantly being developed.  For engines not listed, please contact us.


Kineteco SZH+ Series
Spring Starter Specification
Description SS/SR based spring starter with Z-Drive gearbox, ultra-heavy duty power spring, set and tripped by hand. Designed, manufactured by, and exclusive to, Kineteco
Rotation of starter CW
Engine Capacity Max. 8 cylinders, to over 2.5L per cylinder (subject to local environmental conditions and engine start-up load)
Torque (Range) 73-152 Nm Incremental (gearing dependant)
No. of Output Turns 8-17 Incremental (gearing dependant)
Output Energy Nom. 3765 Joules
Cold Starting To 0°C (32°F) starting aids may be required
Maximum Winding Load 60Nm torque
To Wind Fully 35 turns
Mounting Flange Types Available SAE 1, SAE2/3, SAE 4/5, Ford.  Can be customised
Pinions Available Fellows stub 10/12, 8/10, 6/8; Module 2.5, 3.0. From 11 to 18 teeth.  Can be customised
Winding handle position Variable in 8.5° increments
Weight 24kgs
Shipping Dimensions 47 x 32 x 33 cm
Standard Equipment Winding handle, handbook and set up gauge
Options – All models have the following options available
F Flameproof
E E-pack for dual starter installations