Starting first time even in the most demanding conditions

  • The original spring starter
  • Unique 50 years reliable service
  • Rugged steel construction
  • High torque disc spring power
  • Wide range of engines to 6L
  • Manual set and trip mechanism
  • Crank wound with detachable handle

The original spring starter has an unrivalled track record of over 50 years reliable service.  Exclusively produced by Kineteco, it has a well-earned reputation for quality and durability, selling tens of thousands worldwide.

Kineteco SS/SR spring starters are specified for mining, oil rig and merchant marine use and for ships’ black start generators, demonstrating their unique reliability. Kineteco can supply spring starters for a huge range of engines from 700cc single cylinders to 6L inline sixes, for all types of conditions, for a wide range of applications.

The spring starter uses a set of disc springs that are compressed as the winding handle is turned. The pinion is pre-engaged with the ring gear, and when the starter is tripped, the shaft is released to transmit the power of the spring into the engine. This spring starter delivers high torque and long life.

Flame-proof and E-pack dual start options are available ensuring Kineteco SS/SR spring starters can be configured to meet customers’ exact requirements.

New engine applications are constantly being developed.  For engines not listed, please contact us.


Kineteco SS/SR Series
Spring Starter Specification
Description Spring starter with disc springs on a ball screw wound by a detachable handle, set and tripped by hand. Formerly made by Lucas/CAV
Rotation of Starter SS = CW
Engine Capacity Max. 6 cylinders, up to 1L per cylinder  (subject to local environmental conditions and engine start-up load)
Torque 95 Nm
No. of Output Turns 3
Output Energy Nom. 1000 Joules
Cold Starting To 0°C (32°F) starting aids may be required
Maximum Winding Load 61 Nm torque
To Wind Fully 10 turns
Mounting Flange Types SAE 1, SAE2/3, SAE 4/5, Ford. Can be customised
Pinions Available Fellows stub 10/12, 8/10, Module 2.5, 3.0. From 11 to 18 teeth. Can be customised
Winding Handle Position Variable in 8.5° increments
Weight 16kgs
Shipping Dimensions 40 x 22 x 27 cm
Standard Equipment Winding handle and handbook
Options – All models have the following options available
F Flameproof
E E-pack for dual starter installations