Product Support

Kineteco is dedicated to designing and producing spring starters of the highest quality, which has ensured an enviable reputation of reliability, even though they are used in the toughest environments.  Kineteco delivers the highest quality professional service and support worldwide, with a growing network of distributors trained to handle all your technical and purchasing requirements.

Starter Selection

Kineteco has designed spring starters to fit most diesel engine models.  Please check our Application Guide for further details.

If Kineteco have not fitted an engine, a spring starter can be configured to your exact specification.  Please complete the new Application Form to enable Kineteco to identify the correct starter for your needs.

Starter Operation

Operation of a Kineteco spring starter is simple.  For detailed instructions on installing and operating Kineteco products, a complete set of operator’s instruction manuals can be found here.  Or check out the ‘How To’ video for a demonstration.

Starter Support

In the unlikely event of a problem using a spring starter, please complete the Web Form to enable Kineteco’s technical staff to diagnose the issue.

Kineteco has a worldwide network of distributors, staffed by trained service professionals, who will be able to supply genuine spare parts or conduct an inspection and where required, repair the product.

Storage/Laying Up Instructions

To maintain reliability and ensure a Kineteco spring starter functions as designed, it should be protected from corrosive environments and impact damage when not installed on an engine.

The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Ensure that the spring starter is unwound before placing in storage
  • Store the spring starter in a dry location away from water spray and flood risks, preferably in a water tight box, bag or container
  • Coat the spring starter and especially the exposed pinion and shaft, in a light grease, waxoyl or similar wax based rust inhibitor.
  • Ensure that the spring starter is stored securely avoiding any possibility of it falling on, or rolling into, any solid object which may cause damage to the operating levers, housings or controls
  • Keep the operating instructions and winding handle with the spring starter
  • If a crank wound spring starter is flooded with water, remove plastic cap opposite winding adaptor and drain thoroughly.  The spring starter should then be immersed in a light oil for at least 2 hours. Drain the oil, replace the cap and operate the spring starter on an engine a number of times to disperse any remaining oil or water and to ensure the spring starter still functions.  Re-coat with wax/grease