Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a spring starter work?

  • Kineteco spring starters replace any other means of starting an engine with a simple mechanical mechanism, giving a truly dependable starting solution
  • The spring starter fits where the electric starter would usually be fitted
  • Fitting and rotating the winding handle compresses the springs
  • Pulling the trip lever releases the spring’s potential energy to turn the engines flywheel just as an electric starter would

What sort of equipment might benefit?

  • Anything that is powered by a diesel engine, including:
    • Boats
    • Tractors
    • Pumps
    • Gen-sets
    • Compressors
    • Construction Equipment
    • Mining Equipment
    • Hydraulic Pump Units
  • Anywhere a diesel engine must be ready to start, regardless of the conditions, Kineteco spring starting solutions can be considered

Who uses Spring Starters?

  • Kineteco supply equipment to numerous industries, including:
    • Agriculture & Irrigation
    • Construction
    • Marine – both leisure & commercial
    • Mining
    • Military
    • Oil & Gas

Is it safe?

  • On all Kineteco spring starters the winding is separated from the starting action so it is very safe
  • Winding can take as long as you like, so there is no risk of strain as there is with the traditional starting handle

Do I get rid of my electrics?

  • Most diesel engines will start without power from an electric circuit, so in theory you could get rid of your electrics, although some diesel engine have an electric fuel cut out and need power to start
  • In these instances, a small battery or system modification would be needed

Do I need to make any modifications to fit a spring starter?

  • Kineteco spring starters are designed to bolt straight on to your engine with little or no modification
  • Kineteco have a large portfolio of engine applications where spring starters have already been fitted, so please check here to find your engine
  • Kineteco have a dedicated team of engineers who are able to configure a spring starter for your specific application if your engine is not listed
  • Please complete the New Application Form if you would like Kineteco to look at fitting an engine not currently listed

Is there a maintenance program for a spring starter?

  • Unlike battery starting systems, you can leave your Kineteco spring starter unused for long periods of time without any adverse effect
  • Kineteco Storage/Laying Up Instructions are designed to maintain reliability when not in use but other than that, spring starters are maintenance free

Why do spring and electric starters have a different number of teeth?

  • It can enable Kineteco engineers to gain enough space to install the spring starter, which are generally larger than electric starters
  • A larger pinion ‘gears up’ the spring starter which means engine’s flywheel will be turned further and ensure the engine starts first time

What is an offset?

  • If a Kineteco spring starter is fitted with a pinion that has more teeth than the electric starter it is replacing, the mounting face and locating spigot must be ‘offset’ to allow for the increased centre distance
  • This means the locating spigot is eccentric from the centre of the pinion and the amount of eccentricity is termed the ‘offset’ of the starter

What happens to a spring starter at low temperatures?

  • Diesel needs to achieve a temperature of around 550° Celsius (1,020° Fahrenheit) before igniting
  • The spring starter will not be affected by the cold, however, the engine itself will require more energy to start
  • As with other starting systems, it may be necessary to use proprietary starting aids and special lubricants at low temperatures